Hi, my name is Eric Feng, a fellow trainer just like you.


In 2011, I made a life-changing decision to move from corporate training into keynote speaking for three significant reasons:


  1. Spending 8 long hours a day conducting a training workshop can be very energy draining (especially when you are in the training business for years, age takes a toll on your energy.

  2. Professional keynote speakers can make as much as you (a corporate trainer) with just one hour on stage. I even know of keynote speakers who easily made double or triple of what I used to making a day in training, in just 45 minutes! (A 800% increase in ROI!)

  3. You get to positively impact 100x more people in a keynote speech than a training workshop (PLUS you get to travel around Asia or even the world while doing it!)


One year later – after hours upon hours of studying, learning and modelling after some of Asia’s top millionaire speakers – I had my first breakthrough.


I was invited to speak for an hour to 2500 sales professionals in Malaysia! My earnings for this 1 hour engagement far exceeded what I used to make for a full day training!


In addition, my airfare and accommodation was FULLY PAID for by the client. They even engaged a chauffeur to take me to the speaking venue.  


Boy, did I felt like a superstar!

That was the moment that I felt all my hard work over the years have finally paid off!


One engagement led to another and soon everyone wanted me to speak at their event. Before you know it, I was on a roll!

One of the highlights in my speaking career happened in 2013. I was flown business class to speak at the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Experience Convention attended by 6000 top financial service professionals from 12 countries. To top it up, I even got a standing ovation from the attendees!

Fast forward to 2018:


  • I have travelled to more than 10 cities and countries in Asia

  • My revenue has tripled to over a million dollars a year

  • My book (which my speech was based on) has been reprinted 5 times and translated into two other languages: Thai and Mandarin

  • I had addressed over 50,000 people including Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

In addition, I enjoyed these major benefits that brought my career to another level:


  • The visibility I enjoyed through my keynote speaking circuit has contributed significantly to my training revenue as well. This explains why I now have a network of 100+ trainers who are helping me to take on these training assignments.

  • The credibility I gained in the process has also blessed me with a golden opportunity to work hand in hand with the Labor Movement to help Singaporeans stay future-ready and compete at the world stage

  • I have also caught the attention of top business leaders in Asia and they brought me in to coach them personally on their public speaking skills. 

“Eric understands the current technology trends well, hence when it comes to teaching communications in our industry, few people are as effective as Eric.”

Rodrigo Becerra, Managing Director

World Wide Government Industry, Microsoft



“Whether you are a veteran speaker who have clocked many hours of stage time or a novice aspiring to enthral your audience, Eric’s comprehensive and surefire tips and tricks on public speaking and communication is going to take you to a whole new level of speaking performance. Follow his teachings and you would never speak the same again!”

Lim Tse Nan, Assistant Director

Singapore Prison Department 



“Eric is clearly an expert in public speaking. He is honest and precise, compelling you to look at yourself with new eyes. His coaching has made a significant difference to my style as I feel far more in control and I am getting more positive feedback from the audience."

Ambassador Michael Tay, Executive Director

Russia-Singapore Business Forum


“Eric is a huge resource to our team as a training expert with a high level of energy and ideas. It is great to see his ideas being made more widely available with the publication of his second book. Get To The Point ® is a practical tool that I will keep handy.”

Bernard Dragon, General Manager

Sanofi Aventis (Bangkok)

​​So this is my story that I want to share and inspire you with, and if you are still reading this, it means that you are serious and truly committed about taking your career to the next level.


And the good news is what I have experienced can be your experience too!


You CAN triple your revenue within a year.


You CAN expand into the region.


You CAN become a celebrated speaker in Asia.


Heck, even the world can be YOUR stage!


Ready to Up Your Game?


Then pay attention to what I am going to share with you in the next 2 minutes:


Come 20th January 2018, I will be organizing a one-off, closed door sharing session to reveal… 



Here’s how you will benefit from this one-off, closed door session:


Unspoken secret #1 will help you stand out from your competition and ensure you are always one of the top three choices in your potential clients’ shortlist.


Unspoken secret #2 will make it effortless for you to generate high paying keynote speeches on demand. Learn the one simple thing I do to get my clients ringing me up every single day!


Unspoken secret #3 will help you command the attention of large diverse audiences (in the hundreds or thousands) and keep them excited, engaged and at the edge of their seats


Unspoken secret #4 will help you get booked solid for the entire year and even packed your speaking schedule for next year! (this secret alone has guaranteed me repeated engagements and referrals)


Unspoken secret #5 will help you accelerate your personal journey towards becoming a celebrated speaker in Asia! Tens of thousands, if not millions, deserve to hear your message. They want to learn from you and are even willing to pay to hear what you know. Why deny them the opportunity? You are born for this my friend!  




Who this is showcase is for:


  • If you are struggling in your training or coaching business for too way long, spending hours and hours of your own personal time and efforts doing networking and personal marketing with little returns to show for your efforts… Then Yes! This is for you…

  • If you are tired of seeing your peers or even competitors making way more money than you in just an hour… Then Yes! This is for you…

  • If you are having difficulty commanding the attention of large diverse audiences and cannot seem to keep them excited, engaged and at the edge of their seats… Then Yes! This is for you…     

  • If you are already a fairly successful trainer, coach or facilitator but lack overseas presence and like to get invited to speak at multiple countries outside of Singapore, all expenses paid for… Then yes! This is definitely for you!

  • If you are not a trainer, coach or facilitator OR you have less than three years of experience in the business then I am sorry to say, this is not for you (yet). **This is an advanced showcase for well-seasoned professional trainers, coaches and facilitators who have spent years honing their expertise and are just waiting for THIS opportunity to take their career to the next level.

So….. What’s your decision today?


After reading this, you have two options ahead of you:  


Back to the Trainer’s Grind


Take in what you hear and throw it aside, go back to the trainer’s mill and grind out another day as a trainer working 8 full hour days, fighting for crumbs in this highly saturated Singapore market or spend another day in the networking event trying to solicit business with your own time and efforts..




Take Charge of your “Trainer’s Life” Starting Today!


Attend this 2 hour one-off sharing session - learn the 5 unspoken secrets of Asia’s most well paid professional speakers so you too, can become one !


What’s the risk? The worse thing that can happen to you is:

You will learn 5 new ideas you can apply in your training business!  


So take Action Today! Sign up for our Showcase Now!

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28 February 2018

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Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm


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