2019 September Featured Trainer: Wong YJ

We are reaching the last lap of 2019 and in this last lap, Charisma Academy will be featuring a series of communication training focusing on the theme, “How to be a Sales Superstar”.

For the month of September, the key focus under the main theme is “Finding Your Sales Rhythm” through Personal Effectiveness in sales communication.

The key ingredients to become an effective salesperson lie in Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem.

Here is a thought leadership piece by YJ entitled "Be Fearless and Start Selling” 

Says YJ,

“Competition is fierce in the sales world. If sales professionals can have more confidence and know how to use it to their advantage, they will not only enhance career satisfaction but also achieve massive success.  The ability to communicate ideas, get points across, lead teams or simply maintain mental toughness can mean the difference between success and failure.”

Charisma Academy aspires to be a leading platform to empower transformational learning and people development. For more information on how you can be fearless and start reaching your fullest potential in sales and work, contact us at info@charismaacademy.com

Till we next communicate.

Stay strong. Stay Fabulous. Stay Connected.

Life is short.  Play more. Learn more. Succeed more. 


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