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Get To The Point


Endless meetings, data dumps and wordy emails are fast becoming the bane of businesses, especially during a sale. As a result, your customers today are suffering from information overload, inattention, interruption
and impatience.

In this highly popular communications programme attended by more than 5000 executives, leaders and salespeople all around Asia, you will pick up advanced communication strategies to help you get to the point and then get to the sale.

You will also learn how to communicate clearly, memorably and convincingly so that you can stand out from your competition, increase face time with your customers and close the million-dollar deal that you deserve!


If you're someone that does selling, pitching or one who simply wants to improve your public speaking skills, here's what you can expect from our class:

 What You Will Learn

  • Effortlessly command the attention of your prospects

  • Respond quickly to possible objections, and bring prospects closer to the close

  • Create a memorable interaction and selling pitch

  • Get more buy-in for your ideas, proposals and products

  • Be perceived as a capable individual

  • Influence your customers to your way of thinking


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