Dion Jensen

The Confidence Coach | Keynote Speaker | Corporate Trainer | International Ambassador for Charity 

Dion Jensen is a certified Cultural Transformation Consultant, Certified Directive Communication Psychology Consultant, Clinically Endorsed Author of the worlds first good news book about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), features on Singapore National Radio on Leadership, Corporate Bullying and Strategic Thinking, features internationally as a founding speaker for the worlds first Humanitarian Speaking Agency eMAGINE Academy and is known in the marketplace as 'The Confidence Coach' for individuals, teams and organizations.


Dion Jensen speaking and corporate training workshops include the following:

• Effective Leadership and Management
• Confidence Coaching
• Effective Communication
• Effective Training
• Cultural Awareness
• Mental Health Awareness
• Protecting Women
• Security Training
• Conflict De-escalation
• Workplace Bullying

Outside of work, Dion is a clinically endorsed author of the world first good news book about PTSD, & International Ambassador for two charities: Pencils Community and Project Lionheart.


"I heard Dion speak to a mixed audience at the Beehive two months ago. He held the whole room in the palm of his hand and had them laughing one minute, crying the next. Dion is a natural speaker who knows his subject well because he has lived it; what he has to say is very powerful.

Dion is the best in his field, speaking from his life experiences with passion, integrity and a desire to make the world a better place."

Billy Graham Motivational Speaker 


"Dear Sir/Mam, ladies and gentlemen.

My aim is for whomever is reading this is to understand how close I came to
ending my life and what saved me and why.

I am hoping that this information will stop someone else from killing themselves:


I went to hospital, spoke with both psychologists and psychiatrists, however this did not help me one bit, they didn't speak my language, I didn't trust them and if anything (like previously) made me want to avoid them at all costs.

It wasn't until a stranger turned up one day, this stranger would be the man that would save my life, and he would give my 3 beautiful children their father back and a loving son to his parents.

This man was Dion Jensen.


Not only did he freely give me guidance and his book (The good news about PTSD ) he took the time to sit down and explain to my mother and extended family about my situation.


He spoke English and spoke in such a way that we could understand (our language) not the language of a psychiatrist that you almost need a degree in robotics to comprehend.
Let me be totally honest, what he told me, the language he spoke and the direction he pointed me in, saved my life and that's the truth of it."

Chris, Military Veteran, Soldier, Son, Father.

Tea Time with Charisma Presents:

From Battlefield to Boardroom: How to build mental resilience in the workplace

By The Confidence Coach, Dion Jensen

18 July 2018

4:00pm - 5:30pm

Wework, 71 Robinson Road, S068895

#13-01, Room 13G

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