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The basic principle of knowing yourself is that every Salesperson is responsible and in control of their mindset and actions, and able to generate their own ability to adapt to the situations they encounter. We will call this ability our Sales Intelligence.


Developing the ideal Sales Identity, maximizing your natural talents, and harnessing your positive value system is absolutely crucial to achieving your fullest potential as top-notched sales professional.


The workshop will bring you through key milestones of self-discovery & essential principles to enjoying more profitable sales, stronger customer relationships and greater motivational drive in your everyday endeavors.

What you will be armed with post-webinar:

  • To achieve a positive change in your belief system and learn the secrets of harnessing your natural talents & greatest sales potential

  • To develop a Sales Identity that leads to a better quality buyer-seller relationship and, subsequently, more profitable sales

  • Read buyers by understanding their communication styles and dominant deciding values

  • Increase emotional attachment of customers & their loyalty to you·

  • Bring out the of the best qualities of your sales habits & increase communication and cooperation in those around you

  • Influence others to accept more responsibility & drive for results to support your cause within your sales organization



Recognized as one of Asia’s leading speaker, trainer, and transformation consultant, Raymond Phoon has worked with thousands of professionals from leading MNC organizations, helping them improve their Leadership, Business Transformation, Professional Selling, and Team Development abilities.

Over the two decades, he has traveled to countless of cities in the US, UK, Australia, South Africa, Poland, Spain, the Middle East Region, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore & Malaysia; spearheading business improvement, developing professionals and inspiring transformational growth in leading Fortune 500 organizations.

He speaks regularly at large-scaled conferences, radio shows, business kick-off conventions, senior leadership programs as well as professional executive development seminars across the world.

Raymond is an accomplished business development expert, having amassed over 28 plus years of solid management, marketing, and selling experience in various positions of leadership, consulting & people development capacities with leading brands all over the globe. He is also the author of The DNA of a Sales Superstar and Success Guide 2.0.

A highly dynamic speaker, Raymond delivers his training with high energy and has an uncanny ability of developing a strong affinity with his audience, creating the ideal environment for lasting impressions and learning impact.

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