Kew Lee Teng


Solution Architect & Tribe Builder Connexio, Kujenga & Lightbringers


Prior to joining Charisma Academy, Lee Teng was a Sports Anchor and Commentator with the Singapore Turf Club (STC). In fact, she was the only female racing presenter in Singapore – a rose among the thorns! Having spent 8 years with STC, she built up an extensive television hosting and commentating portfolio. Lee Teng’s versatility, wittiness, and articulate delivery are her best assets.

Lee Teng’s passion in public speaking and hosting is evident in her 14-year service in the Singapore Institute of Management’s (SIM) Mandarin Toastmasters Club. Fifteen years ago, Lee Teng left Malaysia in pursuit of a better career. She gradually blossomed from an ingenuous young lady to an outstanding television host and trainer.

Public speaking has deeply impacted and shaped her personality. Many of Lee Teng’s friends were puzzled about her commitment and asked her “You are a professional host, why are you serving a non-profit organisation that offers you no recognition and compensation?”
“I give because I am grateful,” was her reply. Lee Teng was formerly President of the SIM Mandarin Toastmasters Club, and is currently serving as the Director of Training, and trains the club members on public speaking.

Lee Teng has always loved the Chinese language and culture. Those who first met her and heard her speak, naturally assumed that she was educated in a Chinese school. In reality, as she was educated in a Malaysian national high school, where the medium of learning was Malay. Nevertheless, persistent in keeping touch with her mother tongue, Lee Teng participated actively in many Chinese language-based organisations and interest groups.

She enjoys singing and travelling with her friends, as she feels that these are fun and exciting ways for her to keep in contact with them, while enjoying the simple pleasures in life!

Lee Teng’s motto in life is to “choose what you love, and love what you chose”. She firmly believes that the greatest happiness in life is to be with the people you love, and do the things you love at any moment.



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