Charisma Advantage Masterclass

In a brave new world where businesses are continually challenged to evolve and uncertainty is a constant, we are heavily challenged to prepare for a future that is unknown to us. To help our clients stay relevant in the face of constantly emerging trends, the Charisma Conference was redesigned to the Charisma Advantage Masterclass series to bring a more focused and integrated learning experience to our corporate clients. Themes included self-management, communication, relationship management and many others. For the past few sessions, we have featured a range of award-winning speakers, leadership coaches, training specialists and professional experts in their fields. In a short span of three months, over 300 people from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Shanghai have benefitted from our Masterclasses. Join our Charisma Advantage Masterclass today to enjoy a transformational learning experience you won’t forget; contact us for a free consultation today!