Alex Chua


Managing Director Aquilae


Alex is the Managing Director and Chief Tribal Leader at Charisma Academy. He is currently the head of the Aquilae Tribe in the company.

Prior to his current role at Charisma Academy, Alex has been in commercial roles in the technology sector since 1998. He has held leadership positions at the Asia Pacific level at Microsoft and Promethean. His track record in sales and marketing is impeccable – he has been a serial winner of sales, marketing and commercial awards for the businesses he led. He collects trophies as a hobby and has built a cabinet to house them!

Throughout his career, he has constructed successful business models in the B2C, B2B and B2G business segments. He has been particularly successful in driving start-up divisions in multinational company environments in the Asia region. Since 2000, Alex has guided every single business he led to market leadership in each of their product categories. His colleagues nicknamed him the “rainmaker”.

A proponent of strong leadership, product innovation, ecosystem and scalable sales and marketing growth engines, Alex also believes in harnessing the power of human capital to create new pathways of opportunities. Under his leadership, Alex has transformed Charisma Academy from a Singapore-based corporate training company into a full-service training platform operating on a regional footprint within his first year. Charisma Academy has a “stable” of more than 40 consultants and trainers offering over 60 programmes in multiple languages across 12 Asian countries. Charisma Academy was recently selected by the National Trade Union Congress as a strategic partner to improve skills upgrading for the Professionals, Managers & Executives (PMEs) workforce in Singapore.

Alex holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honors) from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is an avid English football fan and reads widely on current affairs. He is happily married with three children and he is extremely passionate about his adventure and dreams of leading the company to IPO in the United States within five years. He believes it will be absolutely fantastic to create a company of millionaires as a role model for SMEs in Singapore.

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