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Charisma Academy aspires to be a leading platform for knowledge innovation and distribution to inspire transformational learning and people development.
By your ability to deal with people
Headquartered in Singapore, we provide corporate and public training programmes, talent development and consulting services to clients in 15 Asian countries. We aspire to build a world-class workforce in Singapore and beyond.


Our platform and network in Asia also supported opportunities for the Speaker, Coaching and Training communities to showcase and amplify their talents. More than 50,000  leaders, executives and sales professionals have benefited from the innovation and distribution of our programmes. 


what makes us stand out


Unlike many companies that only focus on training delivery, we take special care in the post-training phase, specifically the learning transfer. Through a wide array of post-training support services and tools, we help you enforce accountability and improve performance of individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole.


Through our network of regional learning partners and community of trainers Asia-wide, we can help you roll out your programmes in multiple countries quickly, affordably and effectively. These programmes can also be customised to the individual country’s culture and language.


Through high-impact games, creative training techniques and Asia’s unique brand of entertainment, we capture the attention of learners and ignite their sense of wonder and interest for the topic. Expect a lot of laughs, learning and requests to sign up for another Charisma Academy’s programme!

Meet the Tribes

“Our people in Charisma Academy collaborate with each other through tribes. Tribes allow for greater creativity, innovation and nimbleness. Our people create new tribes when a need or opportunity arises. We may have many tribes within similar functions but they have different development paths. This is not possible in a traditional organisation organised by departments or functions. The Charisma Academy team are encouraged to join multiple tribes so that they receive well-rounded and holistic professional development in functions outside of their core competencies. Our tribe leaders also learn about the need to understand, organise, motivate and grow their tribes to enable them to achieve impact and success in an increasingly fragmented world. The excitement, passion and promise of fostering success through identification of tribe values and culture also increases initiative, influence and leverage. In Charisma Academy, the most successful people are the ones who understands how to mobilise, orchestrate and leverage across our tribes. They become key contributors not by climbing a vertical corporate ladder, but by discovering the “Great Horizontal.”

Alex Chua, Managing Director – Aquilae Tribe



Our Programmes

Raving Fans

  • While selling skills such as targeting and negotiation can be learnt, the mastery of people is what differentiates an average salesperson from a successful salesperson. All salespeople need to attend Unlock Your Personal Charisma!”

    Lee Kian Sieng
    Head - Pharmaceutical Division
    Sanofi Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei
  • Eric from Charisma Academy understands the current technology trends well hence when it comes to teaching communications in our industry, few people are as effective.

    Rodrigo Becerra , Managing Director
    Worldwide Government
    Microsoft APAC
  • I am happy to inform that all our Senior Management present were very impressed with your training presentation. Thank you for a job well done. I also spoke to several of our Regional heads and they gave us similar positive feedback.”

    Michael Goh , General Manager,
    Distribution Services & Support
    AmBank Malaysia

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